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    The 1kcc Club was started by Andy in 2017 to share his love of riding. From a humble beginning consisting of ride outs with just Andy and his friends, it rapidly grew as friends of friends joined them on the roads. Due to this growth, Andy decided to start an official bike club, which has gone from strength to strength.

    The 1kcc Club does ride outs to places all across the world, and despite the club's name, bikes of all sizes and riders of all abilities are welcome. No rider is ever left behind, and the community is made of an incredibly caring and welcoming group of people.

    Track days are also organised by the club, where riders of all abilities can come, experience the track, and have fun. Wheely School is also available so that the younger or less experienced riders can brush up on their skills, and get to know each other.

    The club also participates in community events, from funeral processions for loved ones, to charity events. Previous charities that the club has supported are Macmillan Support and the NHS, with events for suicide prevention charities in the pipeline for the future.

    The club has gone worldwide, with around 20,000 members across the world. Of course, Andy couldn't manage it all by himself, so he has moderators that help him with the day-to-day planning. You can find the club on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter by following the links at the bottom of the page.

    Andy strives to keep the club growing, and progressing constantly to be bigger and better - So watch this space!/pages/the-1000cc-club

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